Dress For Hands-on Fun
Before bringing your class to Evergreen, please remind your students that Evergreen is an outdoor environmental education center. If it’s not snowing, thundering or pouring rain, we will be outside. To make your students’ Evergreen experience a positive one, we recommend reminding them to dress in layers and wear older clothing.

Warm Weather Recommendations
Lightweight jacket or sweatshirt
Rain jacket with hood (if forecast calls for bad weather)
Long or short-sleeved shirt
Long pants or jeans
Shoes (sneakers or hiking shoes or boots, NO sandals or slip-on shoes)

Cold Weather Recommendations
Heavy winter jacket
Gloves or mittens
Long pants or jeans
Long underwear (if forecast calls for cold temps)
Long-sleeved shirt
Socks (two pairs if it’s cold)
Hiking boots or winter boots

Extension Lessons
Station lessons align with the Maryland State Curriculum and Environmental Literacy Standards and contain classroom and schoolyard components accessible online via a Moodle website. (Select “Login as Guest”.) Extension kits, complete with lessons and supplies, are available for purchase by educators. Contact us for more information.