Evergreen is dedicated to funding programs for our area’s youth that introduce nutrition strategies as a means of reducing childhood obesity.

Healthy Living

Working in partnership with the Western Maryland Health System,  our Early Childhood Education programs encourage life-long healthy eating habits. Programs such as the Elementry Edibles have exceeded expectations, approximately 50% of students were willing to try new foods prior to the pilot, 100% were willing to try their vegetables and herbs, showing a 100% increases versus a target of 10%. View full results here.


As a farm that once grew acres upon acres of crops, we continue the tradition of growing produce and native plants. In partnership with the Mt Savage 4-H Club, local youth are mentored by our agricultural staff on our farm and assist in raising produce and running a seasonal farm stand in Mount Savage. Want to become involved? Contact us! Interested in learning more about our farm, visit our facilities page here.