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At Evergreen, we believe in Learning by Doing.  Using our 130-acre historic farm and surrounding forest as an outdoor classroom, we offer opportunities for hands-on learning about the world around us. Our abundant natural resources provide a meaningful place for children, youth, and adults to learn, grow, and thrive. Read more about our mission to empower children through experiential education HERE.

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Living Off the Land Agricultural Museum

In 2017-18, the EHC Foundation restored the property’s bank barn, which per historical experts was professionally built over 200 years ago. With the restoration of the upper barn complete, the EHC  turned its attention to establishing the agricultural museum in the Barn’s lower level stables. The museum’s objective is to share the heritage and history of 200 years of rural Western MD farm life through the display of handmade tools and implements telling the story of the farm. Both the farmhouse and the barn will be available for public tours, school field trips, and bus tours once Maryland’s gathering restrictions are lifted.

This new museum was set to debut with Evergreen’s Spring open house event and plant sale, however, due to gathering restrictions, the in-person event was postponed.  In the meantime, Evergreen offers the public a virtual tour of the new Living Off the Land Agricultural Museum, housed in the stables of the recently restored 200 year old Evergreen Barn.  The new Museum is filled with hundreds of farm antiques and artifacts that tell the story of farming at Evergreen from its settlement in the late 1700s.  The EHC has developed a guided video tour and a short clip which gives a brief glimpse into the Agricultural Museum.  CLICK HERE

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