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At Evergreen, we believe in Learning by Doing.  Using our 130-acre historic farm and surrounding forest as an outdoor classroom, we offer opportunities for hands-on learning about the world around us. Our abundant natural resources provide a meaningful place for children, youth, and adults to learn, grow, and thrive. Read more about our mission to empower children through experiential education HERE.

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Lessons from the Past: Appalachian Food Traditions Podcasts

Frostburg State University Honors students enrolled in Experiencing Appalachia partnered with the Evergreen Heritage Center to research prominent crops in Appalachia from the time of the Civil War to World War I and to learn more about their rich history and the mark they have left on the region of Appalachia. This class provides students a chance to understand that Appalachia isn’t just a place, but a culture full of amazing things like food, dancing, music, and history. Students researched the uses, history, sources and economic impact of Apples, Mushrooms, Corn, Potatoes, Grapes, and Berries. Listen HERE.

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