Work Days
We proudly offer Volunteer Work Days at Evergreen where your employees can work with our team on one or more of our ongoing projects, including the creation of a 1-acre Forest Garden (that will house a variety of crops that can grow under the forest canopy), improvements to our existing learning stations, and the construction of additional outdoor seating for our students and visitors. Volunteer Work Days can be scheduled at your convenience.

Science Field Trips
Evergreen provides science field trips for thousands of Allegany County Public Schools elementary, middle, and high school students. Through these award-winning programs, children have the opportunity to participate in hands-on outdoor activities aligned with the Maryland State Curriculum, increasing their science literacy by 25-50% per class (as measured by pre/post tests).

To sponsor participation in our field trip programs, which are primarily funded by partner contributions, the requested sponsorship subsidy is $25/student.

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