2024 Evergreen Summer Camp
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Camper to instructor ratio is usually 1:6. (1:8 max). We hold firm to our ratio, so that every camper has an in depth camp experience.

*A limited number of need-based scholarships are available.
If applying for a scholarship, please complete the form above before registering for camp.

Let’s Get Creative! Art Camp |        June 3-7

Break some rules, use new techniques, and get creative over five full days of camp. Campers will create their own artworks in our specialized studio space focused on paper making, journaling, and telling your own story. Over the course of the week, artists can collect recycled and natural materials for their pieces from Evergreen’s 130 acres of farmland and forest. By developing existing skills and incorporating new ones, young artists will have the opportunity to grow their collaborative techniques and individual style. Ages 9-13 as of June 1st.


Rising Ranger Camp | June 17-21

A step up from our signature Young Naturalist Camp, Rising Rangers is an explorative nature camp designed with the older kids in mind! With no prerequisites required, this camp offers the same fun atmosphere, but with a more in depth approach to nature and the science behind it! With our new trail system in the works, there’ll be plenty of room to roam, grow, and learn outdoors. Campers can expect to take daily hikes, work on nature journaling, identify local plants and animals, and by the end of the week they’ll be ready to graduate as official Rising Rangers! Ages 9-13 as of June 1st.


Young Naturalist Camp | July 8-12

Uncover the secrets of the environment around us. These young campers will earn stamps in their young naturalist passports as they learn about habitats, naming plants and animals, and identifying them by their features. From the soil to the sky, campers will explore the outdoors. By the end of the week, each camper will officially graduate as an EHC Young Naturalist! Ages 6-9 as of June 1st.

Surviving the Settlement of Evergreen Camp | July 15-19

Could you survive a week in the life of an early Appalachian settler? Before there were paved roads, electric lights, and supermarkets brimming with food, the inhabitants of our area flourished and thrived by living off the land. Join us for a week of learning the skills, such as growing food, navigation, shelter building, and surviving in the wild, that were necessary so that you could say I Survived…the Settlement of Evergreen. Ages 9-13 as of June 1st.


Appalachian Creation | July 29-Aug. 2

Our museums are filled with a wealth of artifacts, but did you ever wonder where they came from?Discover how these pieces from the past were made and used by the five families who have lived at Evergreen. From cooking your own food to dipping your own candles, learn the skills that were crucial to the culture and history of Appalachia. By the end of the week, campers will be able to walk you through the ways of the olden days in a celebration of Appalachian resourcefulness! Ages 9-13 as of June 1st.

Older students may inquire about being a volunteer to work with younger students during each week of our camps.