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Evergreen Center honored by Rural Maryland Council

Teresa McMinn  December 17, 2019
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Agricultural History In Western Maryland
Aug 22, 2019


Historic Barn a ‘New’ Facility for Evergreen Heritage Center
Structure will make debut for murder mystery, Fall Harvest


Android Tablets Donated To Evergreen Heritage Center: Mike Sawyers, Cumberland Times-News, 8/30/17

MOUNT SAVAGE — Allegany County public schools will be able to find out how much particulate matter is in the air that students and teachers breathe. All it will take is a call to Evergreen Heritage Center at 301-687-0664.

On Wednesday, U.S. Cellular donated four Android wifi-enabled tablets to Evergreen.

By obtaining an app from aircasting.org and a small meter — about the size of a deck of cards — Elaine Raesly, the center’s director of education can monitor airborne particulates.

“Some of the particulates are 10 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair,” Raesly said Wedneday morning. “The monitoring should work well because the public schools have strong wifi signals.”

The meters or monitors retail for $250 apiece, but can be borrowed from the Maryland Association for Environmental & Outdoor Recreation. The technology will allow students to record and map temperature, humidity, CO and NO2 gas concentrations and provide them to a national data base.

“U.S. Cellular supports education,” said Deanna Aitken, business development manager who works out of Morgantown and has responsibility for West Virginia and Western Maryland. Center and company representatives met at a 2016 function organized by the Allegany County Chamber of Commerce and began discussing possible donations.

“This is the kind of real information about their lives that students can use,” Raesly said. Full article. 

Evergreen Heritage Center Solves Its Own Problem(s): Mike SawyersCumberland Times-News, 6/12/17

MOUNT SAVAGE — The folks at Evergreen Heritage Center had two problems, but one of them turned out to be a solution. After all, Janice Keene and her people didn’t win the 2015 Maryland Sustainable Growth Award simply for being in a gorgeous part of Allegany County.

“Our 200-year-old barn needed repaired and our ash trees were being infested with ash borers,” Keene, president of the Evergreen Heritage Center Foundation, said Tuesday afternoon as she strolled the 130-acre, topographically-challenged grounds. Full article

Evergreen Hosts Garden Fair, Father’s Day Event: Cumberland Times-News, 6/12/17

MOUNT SAVAGE — Have you ever wondered why your plants won’t grow when your neighbor’s garden flourishes? Are you curious about taking your garden off the grid using solar? Or are you ready to race your child or grandchild in a vegetable-themed obstacle course? If so, the Evergreen Heritage Center’s Garden Fair and Father’s Day Celebration is the place to be June 18 from 1 to 4 p.m. Evergreen is located at 15603 Trimble Road NW. Full article

Festival Participants Hope to Nudge Students Toward STEM Career Path: Heather Wolford, Cumberland Times-News, 5/7/17

FROSTBURG — The clouds looming over the Mountain City on Saturday didn’t stop local kids from catching some rainbows.

Close to 800 children from K-12 schools in Garrett and Allegany counties as well as their parents participated in the seventh annual Western Maryland Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Festival hosted by Frostburg State University. The event took place at Cordts Physical Education Center Main Arena on the FSU campus…Students could build robots at multiple stations, learn plant species with members of the FSU biology department, learn how river channels migrate into the ocean with the university’s geography department, or invent and design an object that an “extraordinary” character will need at the Evergreen Heritage Center Foundation station.

“They’re crazy ideas,” said Elaine Raesly, Evergreen director of education programs, “but the notion is to have kids interested in design because it’s part of the engineering process.” Full article.

Evergreen Hosts Herb Expo: Cumberland Times-News, 5/3/17

MOUNT SAVAGE — The Evergreen Heritage Center, 15603 Trimble Road, will hold its annual Herb Expo on May 21 from 1 to 4 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.

Evergreen’s Herb Expo offers attendees the chance to purchase herbs to plant and use in their everyday cooking and living as well as hand-crafted products from local and regional vendors. Evergreen’s agriculture program will offer more than 55 medicinal and culinary herbs and native plants for sale, including American alumroot, Appalachian beardtongue, astragalus, basil, blue-stemmed goldenrod, chamomile, feverfew marshmallow, hairy mountain mint, lovage, motherwort, prairie dropseed, sage, savory, sorrell, St. John’s wort and yarrow. Full article.

Frostburg Holds Spring Arts Walk: Cumberland Times-News, 4/28/17

FROSTBURG — An Arts Walk will be held at numerous locations in downtown Frostburg April 29 from 3 to 8 p.m. “Meet local artists, catch live performances and demonstrations, attend specialty workshops, and make your own creations,” said Jessica Palumbo, Main Street manager, FrostburgFirst….Children can create crafts at City Place using recycled materials, hosted by Evergreen Heritage Center, or board the Arts Bus for more colorful fun with Kids Craft with Clare. Full article.

Evergreen Educator Wins State Award: Cumberland Times-News, 4/14/17

MOUNT SAVAGE — Elaine Davis Raesly was honored as the 2017 Maryland Outdoor Educator of the Year at the 32nd annual Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education conference.

Raesly was presented with the Robert Finton Outdoor Educator of the Year Award by members of the award committee, including James and Gillian Finton, the son and daughter of Robert Finton, and Melanie Parker, an association board member. Full article.

Arbor Day Celebration Features Maryland Trees: Cumberland Times-News, 4/14/17

CUMBERLAND — Allegany College of Maryland will observe Arbor Day on April 19 with a presentation on Maryland’s historic trees, a presidential proclamation and a campus tree planting.

The public event, which starts at noon, features a talk by Francis “Champ” Zumbrun, who served for many years as forest manager of Green Ridge State Forest. The retired forester  volunteers with the Allegany County Forestry Board, Evergreen Heritage Center and the Committee for Maryland Conservation History, among other groups. Full article.

By Teaching Art, Evergreen Hopes to Help Kids Overcome Poverty: Heather Wolford, Cumberland Times-News, 3/26/17

MOUNT SAVAGE — A local nonprofit hopes to end generational poverty by teaching kids art.

“You have to have kids that are creative so they can invent,” Janice Keene, president of The Evergreen Heritage Center Foundation, said. Full article.

Life without Appalachian Regional Commission? Mike Sawyers, Cumberland Times-News, 3/23/17

CUMBERLAND — From $25,000 for a pavilion and restrooms at the Evergreen Heritage Center near Mount Savage to a half-million bucks for waste-water treatment at the Keyser’s Ridge Business Park in Garrett County, the Appalachian Regional Commission since 1965 has worked to make life better in far Western Maryland. Full article.

Frostburg University Event Focuses on Sustainability, Cumberland Times-News, 1/4/17

FROSTBURG — More than 200 Frostburg State University students, professors and community members opted to Grow Forward and experience a night of eco-fun in the FSU Center for Communications and Information Technology Building.

The event, the brainchild of the FSU Marketing Club under the leadership of Lilly Ye and Janice Keene of the Evergreen Heritage Center, provided an opportunity for attendees to learn about the many sustainability-focused initiatives at Frostburg. Full article. 

Students increase environmental literacy at Evergreen: Cumberland Times-News, 12/25/16

MOUNT SAVAGE — Nearly 900 Allegany County Public School students in sixth and eighth grades and earth science classes participated in environmental education field trips to the Evergreen Heritage Center. The center provides students with outdoor education experiences focused on hands-on learning about environmental concepts and issues.

Sixth-grade classes explored the topics of weather and the water cycle. The students used concept maps to define weather and were taught how to measure temperature, humidity and wind speed. While studying the water cycle, they learned about the terms condensation, precipitation and evaporation. At the conclusion of the field trip, they were given extension kits for use in their home schools. Full article. 

County Approves Rural Legacy Funds To Five Properties: Heather Wolford, Cumberland Times-News, 12/1/16

CUMBERLAND — Allegany County commissioners voted on Thursday to accept a state grant that will provide protection against future development for five county properties…. Currently, five Allegany County properties, including the Evergreen Heritage Foundation in Mount Savage, have turned over development rights to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources through easements to preserve what is now close to 900 acres throughout the county. Full article.