Evergreen Victory Gardens

Pick-up will begin
Sunday, June 6th
1:00 -4:00 pm

Rising concerns over food access, food safety, and potential food shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic inspired this gardening project. Victory Gardens were introduced during WWI when similar issues existed. At that time, families were encouraged to grow their own food, not only for themselves but also as a way to reduce food shortages. In many ways, our current situation is similar. We must all work together as families, neighborhoods, communities, and as a country to meet this new challenge.

As a result, we have created 3 packages that allow families to grow food even with limited space or without an established backyard garden.  The three packages, each of which contain a total of 12 plants are Outdoor Garden (in the ground), Patio Garden (in pots), and Window Box Garden (indoors), so that no matter your gardening circumstances, you can participate in this fun gardening activity.  And no gardening experience is required!

The plants in our packages are vegetables and herbs that would have traditionally been grown in Victory Gardens, are easy to grow, and have many uses. We are also including detailed growing instructions and easy, family-friendly recipes to help gardeners use the vegetables and herbs to cook and share meals together. Now is a great time to begin a garden, provide a learning opportunity for the kids, and enjoy a fun family activity!

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If your family qualifies for Maryland’s free and reduced meal program, WIC or SNAP, you are eligible for (1) free Victory Garden package of your choice per family. You will be required to sign our eligibility form at pickup.
This is made possible by the Ted A. Wolfe Fund, MD Dept. of Agriculture, and FirstEnergy Corp.
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Evergreen Victory Garden Packages

Outdoor Garden
(in ground)


Patio Garden
(in pots)


Window Box Garden


Mortgage Lifter Tomato: Qty (4) New Ace Pepper: Qty (4) Giant of Italy Parsley: Qty (4)
Green Onion: Qty (4) Dancer Eggplant: Qty (4) Teddy Dill: Qty (4)
Genovese Basil: Qty (4) Giant of Italy Parsley: Qty (4) Genovese Basil: Qty (4)

Please Note: These the plants will be more mature at pick up in June than in the pictures.